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The Truth About Unlimited Wireless Internet Service

Oct 21, 2019

The Truth About Unlimited Wireless Internet Service

The term “unlimited” gets thrown around a great deal for internet service today, whether for mobile carrier plans, DSL and broadband, or wireless internet service. It is enough to make you believe, as Inigo Montoya said in The Princess Bride, “I do not think it means what you think it means.” There is not really any such thing as data with no limits. KP Internet, though, can get you much closer than other options available. Removing some of the limitations most providers currently place on wireless data, it gives its users broader availability without slowing them down.

Hotspots and Wi-Fi Networks

One critical limit you may find for wireless internet services comes with where you can access them. Broadband and DSL are limited to the signal reach of your modem. Rather than full wireless service, these give you an area in which you can access the signal and set a spatial limit within your home or the area where the modem is set up. If you can’t get a provider to set it up in your area, there is nothing you can do.

Similarly, a mobile hotspot gives you service you can take with you, limited to the ability to power your hotspot-enabled device and generate a signal there. Either of these options can give you service. You have to remain within a certain range, though, so your ability to work or play online remains tied to a particular space.

Throttling Your Data Speed

Another kind of limit to a so-called limitless wireless internet plan comes with throttling. Many plans give you a monthly data allowance. They call themselves “unlimited” because they don’t cut off your access to data. Instead, they throttle, which means they slow your speeds way down. Video content that runs smoothly most of the time suddenly doesn’t load properly, or pauses and reboots throughout your viewing. Load times increase, and you get frustrated waiting.

This is not a mistake that your service provider makes. Instead, it is a feature they build in, in part to convince you to buy a more expansive plan. You have to choose between rationing your usage through the month, living with slow periods, or investing in an “unlimited” plan with higher limits.

Deprioritizing Your Wireless Internet Services

A related but different concept is deprioritizing your data. Just like throttling, you will find that your data speed slows down. Instead of being an automatic slowdown, though, it pushes you out at times when there is heavy traffic. At some times you may be fully functional after your soft data cap, only to slow down dramatically as soon as the network is managing more users at once.

Again, this can be called “unlimited” in the sense that you do not lose coverage entirely. However, you have inconsistent service after a certain level, so you may have no way of knowing whether you will be able to work effectively until you try. It can be frustrating to find that, just when you need your unlimited wireless internet services, you run into problems.

Real Unlimited Service

So can you really get unlimited internet service? The idea of a world without any limits at all is unrealistic. On the other hand, you can find wireless internet services that reach closer today than ever before. KP Internet avoids the spatial limits of hotspots and modems by running over radio signals created by cell tower systems. Those systems today reach almost every point in the country. Where you once may have found dead zones for signals in places, today strong cell signals are virtually omnipresent.

In addition, KP Internet provides its service without throttling or deprioritizing your data needs. The data speeds remain consistent for you–at home or away, with your first GB of data or your fiftieth. If you are in reach of a cell tower signal, you can access the speed you sign on for, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

Limitless data remains a bit of a misnomer. For those who want to get close, KP Internet gives you high-speed wireless internet service that you can rely on.

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