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Why Is Wireless Internet Speed So Important?

Aug 11, 2021

Why Is Wireless Internet Speed So Important

The internet is similar to a highway system. Each computer, device, and host server is a potential travel destination. In this scenario, your internet service is the vehicle that moves you from place to place. Its only natural that you would want a reliable vehicle that can get you where you want to go fast.

Wireless internet speed isn’t the only factor you need to look at when choosing a rural internet service provider. However, it is one of the most important parts of your browsing experience.  A basic understanding of how wireless internet speed works is valuable information when choosing between providers.

The Mechanics of Wireless Internet Delivery

Wireless internet service uses radio waves to transmit digital signals. Subscribers connect to the service with a modem. This equipment is programmed to read radio waves as they travel through the air and send them between your computer and the provider’s servers.

As radio signals fly through the air, service providers use one of two methods to direct signals to the right devices.

  • Satellite service uses orbiting receivers and transmitters to bounce signals from space to anywhere on the planet.
  • Cellular towers are used to carry wireless signals. Following directions from the provider’s switching station, signals jump from tower to tower until it reaches their destination.

Both methods allow internet users to access their service from many locations that may be too far away for other providers. However, wireless connections have a few speed advantages when compared to satellite.

  • Satellites in orbit around the Earth have to push through layers of the atmosphere to reach your modem. That means storms and even thick cloud cover can compromise your speeds. Wireless internet speed is less affected by weather conditions.
  • The distance between satellites and your modem automatically reduces your accessible speeds. The average satellite service delivers upload speeds between 5 and 12 MBPS. In comparison, KP Evolutions wireless internet users can access download speeds up to 50 MBPS.
  • Satellite signals are limited in the amount of data they can carry at one time. To ensure their subscribers can all get their fair share of access, subscribers often cap the amount of data each account can use per month. Users may lose service completely or have their data speeds drastically reduced until the next period. The technology that powers KP’s wireless internet service gives users unlimited access to the quickest speeds available.

Both satellite and wireless internet services are popular choices for rural residents and those who like to stay connected while they’re on the go. However, wireless internet speed is consistently faster than what satellite can deliver.

Why Does Your Wireless Internet Speed Matter?

There are a number of things that affect the speed of your browsing experience. From the processor in your computer to the number of gadgets sharing your connection, many factors impact your actual upload and download speeds. However, wireless internet speed is a primary component for a few important reasons.

  • Even with the latest processors and computing devices, you’ll still have to suffer through long downloads with slow internet service.
  • Streaming videos require constant data downloads. With slower speeds, users are interrupted with frequent buffering breaks that make it impossible to enjoy live webcasts.
  • Multiple devices on a shared connection means more data traveling on that signal, which naturally slows down available speeds. Connections with higher speeds mean less frustration for everyone.

High-speed wireless internet ensures your entire household can watch movies, listen to music, or play online games without missing a moment of the fun.

The Unique Advantages of High-Speed Wireless Internet

Fast speeds are important. However, there are other reasons why wireless internet is an excellent choice for East Texas subscribers.

  • Take your connection wherever you go. With a portable modem, you can use your service while you’re fishing on the lake, sitting in the park at lunch, or digging up tree stumps on your rural property.
  • Cost-effective service saves you money. Other providers offer rural residents spotty service at high prices. Wireless service is a budget-friendly option for out-of-the-way subscribers.
  • No data limits to interrupt your digital enjoyment. KP Internet comes with a no- throttle guarantee. You always get the best speeds possible in your area, no matter how much data you use each month.

Get the best wireless internet speed in East Texas with KP Internet. Schedule a discovery call to learn how fast our service can get you down the digital highway.

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