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What Is Wireless Internet?

Mar 9, 2021

What Is Wireless Internet?

With wireless internet service, users can explore the web without the restrictions you get with hardwired connections. Reliable connectivity, consistent signals, and speeds that easily compare to other types of internet service are just a few of the perks subscribers enjoy with this service.

As more people move from traditional desktop computers to internet-ready mobile devices, the importance and advantages of wireless internet connections become more clear. But, what is wireless internet? How is it different from other connections? What are the unique benefits of choosing KP Internet for your wireless service in East Texas?

What is Wireless Internet?

Simply, wireless internet is a service that doesn’t require you to connect your device directly to a wire. However, there are two types of wireless configurations. While they are called by the same name, these two systems are slightly different.

  • Fixed wireless networks use hardwired connections to bring internet service into their building or area. The installation of a wireless router converts the hardwired signal into radio waves that can be picked up by any WiFi-capable device in the subscriber’s area.
  • Mobile wireless service can connect to the internet without any wires or cables. Instead, radio signals are the vehicles that move information back and forth between providers’ servers and their customers.

Modems are the gateway that give internet users access to the Web. These devices contain receivers and transmitters that allow your computer to communicate with your provider’s servers.

For most types of internet service, the subscriber needs to connect their computer directly to the service provider using an ethernet cable. For DSL users, the modem is plugged into a phone outlet. The ethernet cable then connects to the user’s device. Digital signals pass back and forth along the same telephone wires used for phone calls. Cable internet relies on the cable line your provider places on your property. Mobile wireless internet, however, doesn’t require a physical connection to establish service.

Instead of using wires and cables as a roadway for digital signals, mobile wireless providers harness radio waves to deliver connections. A wireless modem containing a receiver and a transmitter picks up your provider’s signal and delivers them to your device.

How is Wireless Internet Different from Other Connections?

The technology that supports hardwired connections like broadband or DSL is fundamentally different from mobile wireless service in a few important ways.

  • A hardwired modem, on its own, only lets subscribers connect to the internet with one device. Users need to install a wireless router to share their signal with those around them. Wireless internet service is delivered in a WiFi-friendly format that saves subscribers the time and trouble of installing extra equipment.
  • Service providers create and maintain a network of lines, switching stations, and servers to carry their services to their customers. Mobile wireless internet employs either satellite signals or cellular towers to bring its subscriber’s devices to life.
  • Even with ultra-modern broadband connections equipped with fiber optics, wired connections are naturally limited in the amount of data each line can carry at a time. Over-the-air radio waves, however, don’t have that problem. That means subscribers are less bothered by slowdowns or interruptions during peak usage times.

Don’t let wires limit your lifestyle. Mobile wireless internet is simple, easy to use, and always available when and where you need it most.

The Unique Benefits of KP Internet

KP Internet delivers reliable wireless internet service with data transfer speeds that are comparable to more limiting wired connections. Customers who choose KP Internet to get to enjoy some special advantages.

  • Since the lines that support wired service are naturally limited in capacity, many service providers place a cap on the amount of high-speed access subscribers can use each month. Providers might throttle, or slow down, connection speeds until the next cycle begins. KP Internet’s over-the-air delivery means our users never lose speed.
  • For wired service providers, the cost of bringing their services to less populated areas often leaves rural internet users without options. The existing grid of cellular towers allows KP Internet to direct internet traffic. Without the need for complex structures and investment-intense installations, users in remote areas can receive reliable service.
  • The portable modem that makes KP Internetwork is the key to true freedom. Users can take their services anywhere a sufficient cellular signal exists. That means you can stay connected at the lake, behind the barn, or on the highway.

KP Internet is a unique solution for East Texas residents. Find out how this affordable and dependable service makes your daily life better. Schedule your discovery call to see how wireless internet can improve your web browsing experience.

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