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We’re Not Currently Accepting New Internet Customers

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KP Referral Program

Get FREE Internet!

Turn your love for KP Internet

into credit in your account.

We believe our customers are the strongest advocates for our service. Therefore, when your friends and neighbors sign up for KP Internet and mention your name, you ALL win. They get America’s best wireless internet and you get $25 in your account. Discounts apply to Residential or Business services and began after 30 days of service.



How it Works


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Am I eligible to make referrals? 

  • You're a KP Internet customer (including businesses) with at least 1 line on your account. 
  • Your account has been active for at least 90 days and is in good standing.
  • You have a KP Internet Customer Login. 

Who can I refer and what do they need?

  • You can refer anyone who hasn't had KP Internet service within the previous 60 days.

    To qualify as a referral, your friends and family must:

    1. Accept your referral by sharing their unique referral code or sharing their name for you to use when signing up online or with a representative. 
    2. Activate a new account with at least 1 internet line. 
    3. Maintain service in good standing (active and current) for 60 days after account activation.

Sounds good. How many people can I refer?

We'll reward you for unlimited referrals! You receive $25 account credit per qualifying new account you refer.


Claim your reward

Once your referral has been processed, you will see a $25 credit (or more depending on number of referrals) applied to your internet bill after 60 days of internet service from your referral. 


Get superior internet service from KP Evolutions.

Find out how wireless internet services from KP Evolutions can improve your web browsing experience. Connect with us now for more information.

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