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KP Evolutions' Services

How would you like KP Evolutions to transform your office or home? 

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Smart Home Solutions

Don't waste time with countless remotes or running from room to room to turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and turn off TVs. We bring together all the electronic systems in your home so that with the single touch of a button everything is at your command. 

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Shading Solutions

With your phone or tablet you can effortlessly control the levels of natural and artificial light in any room. We use Crestron's Quiet Motor Technology to bring you elegant shades that open and close seamlessly while making virtually no noise. 


Audio Video Distribution

We work with your specific needs to design audio and visual systems from source to output that are simple to operate. You can also control your video distribution on every monitor throughout your facility all from one tablet, phone, computer, or touchscreen. 


Conference Rooms

Looking to increase the efficiency of your conference room and enhance your presentations? Our Smart Conference Rooms allow you to control lighting, audio, video distribution across multiple screens, and your shades all from one device. Impress your clients with convenient and elegant automation! 

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Remote Security Access

Forget to lock your doors? Out of town and want to check on your home? You can do both with one app from anywhere in the world! Access all of your security cameras at anytime.  


LED Lighting

Enhance the functionality of every space in your office while saving on energy with LED lights. From your building's touchscreen you can adjust the maximum light level in every room in your building as well as the outside. Choose between standard lighting or add unique and colored lighting to your building. 

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Let's Evolve Your Home Today! 

Dreaming of your very own Smart Home? We want to make your dreams a reality! We design custom systems based off your specific needs and wants. Let's talk today! 

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Transform Your Office Today!

Combine the power of automation and simple elegance to create the perfect atmosphere that not only benefits your team but impresses your clients. Gain complete control over your building with convenient systems and touchscreens.

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