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Smart Home Solutions

Elevate your home today! 

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The luxury and elegance of Smart Home Technology

Traditional smart tech has always been synonymous with convenience and comfort, but true smart homes do so much more.

What makes a smart home truly smart? It is a system tailor made to elevate your life in every way possible.

KP Evolutions designs top of the line smart homes that control every aspect of your environment with the simplicity of using your smart phone - bringing a whole new meaning to an elevated lifestyle.

With one call, you can revolutionize your home life to a level you could previously only dream of.

Crestron - KP Evolutions Solutions for your smart home



Smart Home Features

  • Integrated shading solutions.
  • Adaptive lighting systems that respond to your location and activity.
  • Responsive smart home systems that learn your habits, anticipate your desires, and create your favorite atmosphere for you.
  • Control all the features and entertainment of a room with one device.
  • Have remote access to security cameras, smart appliances, lights, door locks, thermostats, faucets, and every other piece of tech you own.

Ready to achieve your smart home dreams today? 

KP Evolutions wants to make your dream home a reality. Let's talk about how! 

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