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Why You Should Say No To The DIY Smart Home

by KP Evolutions on August 16, 2018

Everyone today is going for the "do-it-yourself" method over hiring out.

From healthcare to home improvement, people would rather handle it themselves then get a pro to do it.

There is even a channel on TV called the DIY Network that features shows that, well I am sure you can guess it, guide you through DIY projects.

Most people who choose to do it themselves hope that the experience will not only teach them something new but ultimately save them money.

With this craze of self-service and the boom of smart house technology, the idea of a DIY smart home has become even more popular.

You can go to almost any major retailer, like Home Depot, and see a fairly large section of smart technology that all seem inexpensive and easy to use.

Is it really that easy, though? Do I really need a specialist even though I am pretty tech savvy?

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why a DIY smart home is not a very good idea. 



No matter what product or industry, installation can be a real pain.

For smart home technology, installation can range from easy "plug n' play" to requiring extensive knowledge of how network devices work.

Homeowners see the advertisements of how easy it is to use and install these devices but the bottom line is that they don't see the big picture.

Smart home tech, at least the good stuff, should be viewed as a type of in-home infrastructure such as an AC unit or a gas oven.

Most likely you wouldn't venture to try to install an AC unit in your home on your own, at least not without hurting yourself or it not being done correctly.

AC professionals install with the goal in mind to maximize the functionality of your air conditioning, considering each and every room in your house.

The same goes for smart house technology.

Smart home tech specialists will install devices based on the best way to use those devices and how they interact with your home and its many spaces.

If you want your smart home tech not only installed correctly but in the most effective way, have a professional do it.

Control & Compatibility


Another obstacle you must leap over in the DIY smart home process is getting control of all your devices.

The main problem is that the smart devices that you can go out and pick up at the store are not always compatible with one another.

For example, you purchase a smart lock from one company and a smart light switch from another.

The smart lock requires that you download an app on your phone to set it up and control it.

The new smart light switch also requires you download a different app to set it up and control it.

So now you have two new smart devices and two new apps.

Now, instead of just making sure your door is locked and your lights are turned out,  you must go into each new app to use them?

That doesn't sound very smart, does it?

As you add more devices, you add more apps, and ultimately make things even more complicated than they were before.

Not to mention, even devices of the same brand constantly have connection problems.

This is where a smart home company comes in.

First off, a company that specializes in smart home tech is going to offer top of the line smart products, usually ones you can't just go buy in the store.

Secondly, these high-quality devices almost never have connection issues and are made to stand the test of time, unlike most of the cheaper consumer smart devices.

An example of a company that produces pro level smart tech is Crestron, a world leader in home automation.

With Crestron products, you can easily control all your devices from a single touchscreen and even your phone.

No more bouncing around from one app to the next to simply lock your door and turn out a light.

Products such as these allow you to enjoy the seamless functionality that smart home tech should have from the start.

To achieve this, you must have the help from people who know what they are doing because this kind of tech is not for the average consumer to install and use.



With the world's newfound infatuation with the internet of things, there is pressure on these tech companies to produce the latest and greatest devices at an unrealistic rate.

They may be getting products on the shelf, but are they even worth buying?

Faster and cheaper translates to untested and flimsy.

These devices are tempting to pursue but they can quickly turn into a money vacuum.

With a professional smart home company, you can trust that the products they sell are going to be reliable and sustainable.

Another plus is that most companies offer free service for repairs and updates when your smart tech isn't working properly.

Homeowners who are serious about the benefits of a smart home want it to last.

Customer Service


If you accidentally put too much of a spice into a soup, the first thought that should come to your mind is to add more of another spice to cover up the taste of the first, right?

Wrong. You will just end up with an overpowered soup that won't taste good at all.

Trying to fix one spice with another doesn't fix anything at all.

Your best bet is to call up that chef friend of yours and ask him what you should do to remedy the spice problem.

Just because you know a little about cooking, doesn't grant you the ability to know what your professional chef friend knows about cooking.

The same goes for smart tech.

Most all of the consumer smart tech devices attempt to troubleshoot your products by either the use of an app on your phone, videos, and through automated customer service recordings.

Trying to fix tech with more tech usually causes more problems and nothing is solved, nothing is personal.

A major benefit of working with a smart tech company is the personal and human touch.

If you have a problem, they are only a call away to get in touch with someone you probably know or that has helped you before.

These large smart tech producers will never be able to offer the kind of personal customer service that should be available for you and your smart house.

The Hard Truth

Now, I'll be honest, hiring a smart home company and using their suggested products is obviously going to be a much larger investment upfront than just doing the DIY smart home.

Just think, though, after 10+ years with the same reliable, compatible, and sustainable devices, those "cool" and "easy-to-use" products at the store would have never cut it.

Those 10+ years also included building a relationship with the company, enjoying the perks of personal customer service.

So do yourself a favor, save yourself some headaches, and go talk to your local smart home company today before you take another step into an electronics store.

Interested In Smart Technology? Find Out What Is Available For You. Book Your Discover Call Today!

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