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What Makes A Smart Home "Smart"?

by KP Evolutions on March 29, 2018

What are the steps that you take before you leave your house each morning?

Do you rush out the door, leaving every light on?

Or do you run around to every room in the house making sure every light is turned off, temperatures are adjusted, and doors are locked?

What if you could use the same technology on your phone to run your home?

Turn off lights, lock your front door, and turn off the air conditioning from anywhere you are.

This is called a Smart Home.

A Smart Home is a home that provides more convenience, comfort, and security to its homeowners at all times.

Smart Homes make all the lighting, air conditioning, shades, audio & video systems, and security cameras in your home work together to provide an ultimately convenient and comforting experience.

It also allows you to completely control and access all these features remotely from one device anywhere in the world, let alone from any room in your home.

A Smart Home gives you the freedom to program your home to run the way you want it to run.

You can schedule lights in any room to come on at any time or turn the air conditioning up during the hours you are not home.

The possibilities are endless!

An amazing benefit of a Smart Home is the energy efficiency.

By connecting all the devices in your home into a remotely controllable system that will optimize how and when your home uses energy will have a positive influence on your monthly budget and the environment.

Envision a thermostat that can adjust based on certain times of day, how many people are in the home, and during different seasons.

Can you imagine the energy savings?

Smart Home technology goes beyond convenience and technology that will impress your friends.

Smart Home's provide more sense of security by giving you control and access to your home at all times.

The technology will also give you peace of mind by knowing you are saving and conserving energy, which ultimately saves you money.

Having Smart Home systems installed in your home is one of the best investments you can make.

Enjoy a lifetime of convenience, comfort, and security!


Are you interested in more convenience and energy savings? 

Let's Evolve Your Home Today! Book A Discover Call

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