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Smart Home - Shades & Lighting Solutions

by KP Evolutions on January 15, 2019

smart home crestron shading solution kp evolutions

One of the most defining parts of a truly luxurious home is its atmosphere, and nothing determines this more than the shading and lighting solutions used throughout the home.

Don’t let your home settle for outdated options when it comes to setting any mood.

Shading Options

When people think about shading they don’t think “luxury”, but shading can add more to your home than you realize.

Odds are, you don’t have every light in your house on during the day, so the majority of the light in your house comes from outside.

Don't settle for cheap shades that can't assist you in lowering your energy bills, that don't integrate with other smart tech in your home, and that are not customizable to your needs and wants.  

Crestron offers next-level solutions such as ergonomic, programmable shading to adjust to the time of day, the temperature in the room, light in the room, and your personal preference.

Take a look at the video below to see how shading can take a great home and evolve it to become a dream luxury home.


Lighting Options

Lighting is as equally important as shading because it can set the atmosphere and control the mood of your home.

Please know, it can be done terribly wrong if you’re not using the right gear or professional installers.

Lighting Solutions Entail

  1. Customization
  2. Ease Of Use

It’s not just plugging in lights to nice fans. Truly luxurious lighting means customizing your home’s lights to fit your life.

Customizing them means designing them to fit your daily life.

Does it automatically dim when you get home after a long day? Do they follow you to your home office so that you can be most productive while you work? You get the idea.

Customized is great, but customized AND easy to use? That’s even better. Easy to use means programmable, and by this, we mean to every desire you have.

You want them to be able to turn down, off, or up when you ask, and to remember how you want them at certain times.

You can control this with voice assistants like, control interfaces like your remote or smartphone, or touch pads strategically placed where you want them.

Take a look at the ease of use and controllability with Crestron lighting solutions.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a smart home or looking to upgrade yours to have a revolutionized look and feel, it all starts with lighting and shading.

Ensuring your home feels comfortable, relaxing and warming is our way of helping you live in luxury.

If you’re interested in getting shading or lighting solutions in your home just contact us and we can give you a customized free quote.

Let’s look at the ways Crestron can improve your home’s atmosphere, essence, and your way of life.

Solutions for Your Home

Topics: Smart Home, Lighting Solutions, Shading Solutions