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Smart Home Innovations: Which Major Systems Do You Need?

by KP Evolutions on May 10, 2018

Smart Home tech is redefining comfort, ease, and innovation. But with all the clutter and competition between leading brands, it's hard to find the best systems that don't break the bank.

At KP Evolutions, we have put together our favorite systems we recommend for getting started with your smart home! 

Granted, there are tons of different products and services of smart tech out there. This is our list of solid, quality, and useful all-in-one systems, personal assistants, speakers, and televisions.

All-In-One Systems


Crestron Pyng

Crestron Pyng Smart Home System

This is an incredibly innovative home integration solution that tech review companies have ranked at the top for a while now.

From just your iPad or iPhone, Pyng gives you the ability to control almost everything in your home.

While it requires an experienced dealer and in-depth, technical programming for installation, its ease of use and overall integration can't be matched.

Set up your "Away", "Home", "Sleep", and various other modes with precision and ease with just one interface.

Dimmers, switches, shades, keypads, locks, thermostats, motion sensors, audio functions, centralized lighting, cameras, security systems, fans, touch screens, and just about everything else that connects to the internet is controlled with just one touch.

No more pacing around the house to lock every door and turn off the lights. It does it all for you for every instance you'll need at home.

As far as integration goes, it operates with every Crestron product and is compatible with most every smart home products on the market.

(Click here to receive a consultation on Crestron integration in your home)

Personal Assistants


Arguably the most popular choice for Smart Home tech assistants, Alexa's easy setup and accessibility are hard to beat. 

Prior to her, consumers struggled through Siri's "I'm searching the web for that" and simply screaming at anything Samsung produced. 

Alexa has paved the way for sure. Ask her almost anything, and she'll have an answer. And if she doesn't she then searches the web for an answer. 

While this area is still without perfection, Alexa seems to do it best and at the best prices you'll be more than happy with.


This one is a two-way tie...we aren't sorry either.

Crestron Speakers


Crestron is hard to beat here. With their Aspire, Excite, and Essence models, Crestron has set the bar for seamless integration.

You can install these quality speakers in your walls and ceiling to avoid bulky and unsightly decoration miscues in your home. 

And if you're looking for outdoor speakers, they have aesthetically designed Air models that go great landscaped.

As far as sound quality, the speakers certainly hold their own.

While there is a slight dip in frequency response between 1.8kHz and 10kHz, boost the treble slightly and you'll be blown away by their quality. 

Sonos Speakers

sonos-family-press-hero_1Its main attraction is a little gimmicky, but it's so cool that it works. It's wireless.

You may not be blown away by that, but imagine the great quality speaker you desire that can be transported throughout your home and yard for a fraction of the price.

They're aesthetic, and you can add up to 32 speakers.

However, what it capitalizes on in flexibility and portability it sacrifices in great sound quality. It's no pushover, but the sound compared to the Crestron system just can't hold up.

But its adaptability is what ranks it among our favorite smart home speaker systems.


Sony X800E 


This TV takes our top marks for smart TVs.

As far as TV quality goes it's hard to match this quality in smart TV tech without spending an arm and a leg.

Its color display is top-notch with solid sizes from 43" all the way to 55".

It is one of Sony's more affordable TVs that does both wide color gamut and HDR.

It also uses an IPS panel, so its off-center view is better than TVs that do not use an IPS panel. 

It has streamlined connectivity to all iOS products, "Ok Google", and Alexa. 

Keep these great products in mind as you pursue Smart Home tech advancements!

 Want to enhance your home's smart technology today?

See What Is Available For You! Book Your Discover Call Now

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