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Match Made In Heaven: Crestron Automation Systems Integrates With Amazon AI

by KP Evolutions on October 1, 2018

For years tech companies have promised that their product is going to save us time, money, and ultimately make our lives easier.

What we have discovered, as the Internet of Things has grown, that they don't always do that for us.

In many cases, people have found that tech can actually add more headaches than alleviate them, having us bring our work home and even on vacation.

It has become the antithesis of what it originally was supposed to be.

A time-sucker instead of a time-saver.

Then comes along a product that promises it will actually save us some real time and delivers?

No one could resist that, no matter the cost.

When two incredibly successful corporations like Crestron, a long-time creator of home automation systems for over 40 years, and Amazon team up, magic is bound to happen.

Who is Crestron?

For almost half a century, Crestron has been the leader in all things home automation.

Nowadays they lead in the new world of smart automation.

They offer a vast amount of products including:

  • Control systems
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Lighting control
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) and Enterprise Management Systems (EMS)
  • Collaborative technologies
  • GUI design software
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Motorized shades
  • Home security systems
  • Speakers
  • Dynamic control surfaces

With so much experience comes excellent service and excellent products.

Crestron is praised for the Pyng operating system.

The Pyng OS 2 is a powerful system that can control a multitude of other devices such as lighting control, shades, audio, climate control, video, and now it integrates with Alexa, Amazon's much-praised voice-controlled AI operating system.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is an extremely powerful and complex virtual assistant system created by Amazon.

This intelligent and interactive conversational AI system consists of a virtual woman's voice that can inform you on an endless amount of things.

Just say "Alexa" and whatever you need you just tell her, and like magic, you get what you need.

Alexa can answer your trivia questions, give you recipe ideas, tell you the weather, announce notifications, play music, and even guide you through workouts like a personal trainer(or at least try to).

Other companies claim to have an amazing voice-assistant system but Alexa stands above the rest.

The responsiveness of Alexa today is so much faster than the competition and even it's past models. 

Alexa lives within Amazon's smart speaker, the "Echo", and many other devices now.

Overall this AI technology is pushing the boundaries of automated service, making it available for everyone to enjoy.

A Powerhouse System

With these two industry leaders teaming up, the possibilities are endless.

Crestron has always boasted about its tech's ability to be controlled by the touch of a finger.

Now, with the help of Alexa, Crestron has the potential to be completely voice-controlled.

Imagine walking through your home or business and be able to not only speak to your house but actually get a response.

With the reliability and durability of Crestron devices controlled by an incredibly fast and accurate voice-controlled AI system, the smart home everyone dreams of is born.

While this integration is still new, Crestron promises it has few new features it is excited about releasing soon. 

The top smart home tech companies, like Crestron, can come with a hefty price but I promise you won't be disappointed.

Interested in how smart tech can enhance your home and improve your day to day life? 

KP Evolutions designs custom automation systems based on your needs and preferences. 

See what options are available for you today!

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