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How Do Smart Homes and Smart Tech Work?

by KP Evolutions on May 14, 2018

Smart Home Tech has established itself as both incredibly useful and wildly popular, but a huge question remains regarding it all: How do smart homes and smart technologies work?

When we consult with clients or address questions, we consistently come across interested people with a simple lack of understanding of this seemingly complex topic.

But what makes the smart home so "smart"?

Let's discuss the 3 major aspects that make Smart Home Tech possible and then discuss how it all works together.



What is it? 

Wi-Fi essentially means wireless internet access, and because of it, you're no longer tethered to your modem.

Your internet access now comes without strings attached (pun intended), and your ability to access everything the web has to offer is as limitless as your router's range.

Where does it come from? 

Wi-Fi's "Fi" definition and origin are constantly debated, but thanks to How-To Geek, we now know that its name actually doesn't stand for anything.

It has no relation to Wireless Fidelity nor is it an abbreviation.

It is a stand-alone name that is a play on the word "Hi-Fi" confirmed by Phil Belanger, a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

What is its application? 

This was initially used to separate computers from those pesky walls (aka make the laptop).

In the modern day, however, it links together anything from your phone to your coffee maker to your air conditioning system.

This overall advancement has increased inter-connectivity between all of your technology, and it helps improve your day-to-day functions.

Machine To Machine (M2M) Communication

What is it?

M2M is the communication between any interface, device, or appliance that can connect to the internet. 

This means an app on your phone can tell your shades to lower, and your hot tub to turn on.

Where does it come from?

Wired communication has been in use from the early 1970s with meter-to-meter communication for electrical services.

From then, the wireless revolution of the 2000s has taken it to the mass-consumer level which, along with the 2010s tech advancements, has made it widely available and beneficial. 

What is its application?

From everyday life to your business, to your city's infrastructure, M2M communication revolutionizes your environment. 

Your home can save you money, tell you the weather, and secure your home and loved ones.

Your business can follow up with clients automatically, analyze customer relations, and identify areas needing improvement and tracking.

Your city can now adapt traffic to wrecks and stops, connect weather insights to predict forecasts, and connect buildings to identify energy expenses.

The Internet of Things

What is it? 

IoT is a phrase used when referring to tech and objects interconnected through digital networks.

Whether it's your thermostat, refrigerator, or washing machine, the majority of commonly used products are able to connect to the internet.

Where does it come from? 

Datafloq cites famed inventor and energy icon Nikola Tesla as coining the concept in a magazine interview in 1926.

He referred to the connected mass of products as a "huge brain".

Fantasy became reality with the advancement of wireless internet and hand-held devices that effectively connected every user.

What is its application? 

Simply, to connect everyone and everything that has access to the internet. Products and people alike are able to send messages to one another over any distance. 

Now we can talk about how it all works together to make your home so smart and your life so easy.

The Overall Process

In literal terms, Wi-Fi connects your products to the internet, M2M lets them talk to each other, and IoT lets it happen to everyone else's products all over the world (with personal restriction references).

But the personal application is so much better.

This means that your alarm can tell your coffee maker to grind your coffee and brew it and your personal assistant to tell you your daily itinerary and weather forecast.

You make breakfast and your fridge updates your shopping list on your phone of everything you need to get from the store later.

When walking out the door you update your home to "away" mode which activates your safety measures and power saving processes with just the click of a button on your phone.

You then hop in the car to drive to work on route updated in real-time by the city taking into account the traffic and obstructions on the road.

Once there, your daily processes like presentations and meetings are all optimized by your smart office tech.

Once home, you update your home to "evening" mode, which turns on your favorite playlist and turns on your fireplace to welcome you home. 

Smart Home technology is simple when you look at the things connecting it.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand how everything connects and how it can greatly improve your life.

Keep these 3 aspects in mind as you seek to learn more about Smart Homes and what they can really do. 

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