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Latest From The Blog

High-Speed Wireless Internet: FAQs

by KP Evolutions on May 3, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

High-speed wireless internet service from KP Internet lets you explore, entertain, and educate from almost anywhere in the world. These FAQs provide a solid understanding of what you can expect from your KP internet wireless service.

How is High-Speed Wireless Internet from KP Internet Different from Other Internet Service Options?

There are a number of different ways to connect to the internet. However, these methods all fall into two basic categories: wired and wireless.

Wired connections depend on a hardline connection to the service provider. Internet users must connect their computer or other equipment to a device in their home. When plugged in, this device sends and receives internet transmissions. Some examples of wired connections include:

  • DSL and dial-up uses telephone wires.
  • Broadband internet uses underground fiber optic cables.
  • Cable internet uses television cables also known as coaxial cables.

Wireless internet uses radio signals to transmit and receive data. Satellite internet service, for example, bounces signals off of orbiting dishes to deliver service to their subscribers. High-speed KP internet uses cellular signals from the towers that already provide your cellphone service. 

Without the need to stay anchored to a cord, wireless internet users enjoy mobility and on-the-go utility that can't be found with traditional internet service.

What Equipment Do I Need to Make My Wireless Internet Work?

Your KP internet portable modem and a WiFi-capable device is all you need to start enjoying high-speed wireless internet. Follow the simple instructions included with your equipment to set up your active service. Then, simply connect your WiFi-capable smartphone, laptop, or tablet to your signal.

In areas with weaker cellular signals, it can be tough to maintain top upload and download speeds. Installing a simple cellphone booster ensures you always get the fastest speeds available in your location.

What is Throttling?

Often, your internet service provider will set a limit on how much data you can use during each subscription period. Simple contracts, like prepaid internet plans, clearly state the amount of data you will receive. This number is usually expressed in gigabytes (GB). Once you reach this limit, you may lose service until your next payment or be charged a higher pay-per-use rate every time you access your internet.

Many internet service providers offer unlimited data plans. That means you can use as much data as you like throughout your subscription period without losing service or incurring extra fees. However, some providers limit the amount of high-speed access you can enjoy each month. After using up your allotted GBs of high-speed data, you're forced to struggle through with much slower speeds until your next payment. This tactic is called throttling.

KP Evolutions gives all of our subscribers truly unlimited access to the fastest connection speeds possible. We never throttle or limit your speeds. With our high-speed wireless internet service, you'll always enjoy the quickest upload and download speeds in your area.

How Fast is High-Speed Wireless Internet from KP Internet?

There are two ways to measure internet speeds.

  • Download speed is the amount of time it takes for you to get information from another website.
  • Upload speed tells you how fast you can transfer data from your computer to a website.

Average download speeds in the United States are roughly 34 MPBS. On mobile devices like smartphones, average download speeds are 20 MBPS. Your actual transfer speeds depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of connection you use. Services that use broadband can deliver incredible download speeds of over 800 MBPS in some locations while DSL providers can only offer between 4 and 6 MBPS.
  • Signal blockages. Some internet services (like satellite) are prone to disruptions. Tall buildings, clouds, trees, and unfavorable weather conditions frequently interfere with some services.
  • Your equipment. The device you use to connect to the internet may not be able to handle some of the faster speeds your provider delivers. Your modem is another major factor in the speeds you achieve, along with other equipment like wireless routers or boosters.

A high-speed wireless internet connection from KP Internet delivers upload speeds between 5 and 15 MBPS. Download speeds routinely measure between 5 and 50 MBPS. The addition of a cellular signal booster to your KP Internet portable modem maximizes your connection in areas with spotty cellular service.

Where Can I Go With My Portable Modem?

Without the need for wires, cables, or outlets, your KP Internet portable modem is the ideal traveling companion. Our wireless service uses radio signals from cellular towers to transmit digital data. Subscribers do get the best service in areas where cellular signals are strongest. However, with the increasing popularity of smartphones and internet-capable mobile devices, users often have no problems getting their wireless services while they're driving down the highway, camping in their favorite national park, or exploring their hometown.

If you do find yourself in an area with a subpar signal, install a signal booster alongside your portable modem. These simple devices improve your modem's ability to send and receive signals, which helps you get internet service in "out-of-the-way" areas.

Topics: wireless internet, high-speed wireless internet