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Latest From The Blog

5 Major Smart Home Fears: Busting Smart Home Myths

by KP Evolutions on May 21, 2018

Smart home technologies are among the most advanced and useful products available to make life easy for the modern house.

However, many false fears prevent would-be-buyers from pulling the trigger on upgrading their lives.

We want to help clarify the 5 major fears regarding smart homes, and empower buyers to make educated, informed decisions when it comes to smart home innovations.

1. "Smart Homes are so complex. They must be complicated to use."

Smart Home Technology

Yes, smart home technology can be complex. No, that doesn't mean that it is complicated to use.

Often times in proposals or blogs for smart home technology the products, methods, and installation outline can be a bit much.

Smart tech companies often get into detail in these areas to fully describe how everything works together, but they do so to show how thorough they are with their work.


"Think about smart home technology like a car. While cars are expensive, they are pretty simple to use. And, if something in your car breaks, you want a skilled technician to fix it. The same thing goes for smart homes." -Charles Kirby, President of KPEvolutions

Typically, if a smart home set up is extensively technical, that means it's more simple to use.

You want the system doing the work, not you, and getting things up and running is usually the hardest part of the process.

The trained professionals installing the smart tech are experts in their fields. Yes, the setup may be complicated, but it makes the operation seamless.

And the best part is that you don't have to set the system up! The technicians do it for you.

2. "I've heard how expensive smart homes are. I can't afford any of this stuff."

Smart tech is among the many fields out there where "you get what you pay for", so better equipment and service does come at a higher cost.

But this doesn't sentence you to a primitive, tech-less life. There are tons of solutions out there for the wallet-savvy shopper.

Smart Home Consultation

The products and quality you receive are maintained at a certain standard, and while the market caters more to the high-end consumer, this doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to your savings account to integrate automation services.

Through expert consultation with your chosen smart home integration provider, you're typically able to receive a solution that is specific to your wants or needs.

You don't have to break the bank to get Smart Tech, and a lot of companies will work with you to give great automation services that fit your budget. 

3. "If I put in a smart home system and it breaks I don't know how to fix it."

For most smart tech companies, the components installed during the installation process have individually recognized and powered systems.

This means that your smart tech provider can monitor the individual parts of the system, and they can "reset" the power to each part in order to cycle it for repairs.

For instance, here at KPE, we use this design feature to monitor the functioning of each individual aspect of your smart home's operation, as well as offer a built in one year service warranty agreement to assure that the system is always functioning at no cost for the first year after installation. 

If anything breaks or isn't operating at the designed capacity we cycle the power with power conditioners or repair the component.

Most smart tech companies worldwide will do this to help your system function optimally.

This strategy, along with firewalls and emergency technician services, will allow the company to diagnose almost every problem that could come up.

4. "What if my smart-home company goes away? I'll be out of luck then."

Most consumers worry that if the company that installed their smart home goes under, moves, or is for some reason unavailable to upkeep the system then they will be stuck with a system and no one to help.

This should never be the case. Smart home companies should always install systems with thorough, detailed documentation of the system.


"You don't build a house without a blueprint. In the same way, you shouldn't install smart tech systems without a blueprint."


Systems without documentation mean that problems take forever to find and fix. With good documentation (a must in this field) problems are resolved much more quickly.

With everything being documented, from equipment schedules to wiring diagrams, it will ensure that any smart home company that comes in at a later date to do a repair on your smart home system can service it without a problem.

If a company does not want to show you the blueprints for you system, steer clear! 

KP Evolutions always provides detailed documentation and blueprints of the entire system in order to be transparent with each client to not only bring them a piece of mind but also to build trust. 

5. "My cameras and system can be easily accessed by people other than me."

This is a common fear amongst smart tech customers with security systems.

While the company technically has access to these things, the monitoring isn't done by them, personally.

The cameras in smart homes, along with virtually every other aspect of the system, are protected by randomly generated passwords and commercial grade firewalls.

This comes standard on every smart home system to ensure safety and function, and the passwords are documented on encrypted servers with no public accessibility.

Approved devices and users have access to this information, and breaking through any aspect of the system is nearly impossible.

While most consumers will forgo the extra security (by only allowing one access point) for more ease of use, those seeking the extra layer of security will find it, and those seeking the accessibility can also rest easy.

In Summary

Smart home tech is complex in setup so that the consumer can effortlessly control their system and home.

While higher quality products dictate higher prices, smart tech doesn't have to break the bank, and most companies are willing to work with your specific desires. Find a tech company with great quality of service.

The components of the system are designed to be monitored and fixed whenever necessary. This prevents buyer's remorse if  something does break or stop functioning. 

The blueprints are available for any company or technician to easily navigate your home's tech for repair and improvements.

Lastly, the overall system is protected on every possible front to ensure the best possible security is maintained.

Interested In Smart Technology? Find Out What Is Available For You. Book Your Discover Call Today! 

Topics: Smart Home Technology, smart home myths