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3 Ways Home Automation Technology Will Enhance Your Daily Life

by KP Evolutions on March 15, 2018

Have you ever left half the lights in your home on in a rush to get to work, your kid's soccer practice, or the charitable event you are sponsoring?

Forgot to lock the back door?

Or shut the garage? 

Let's be honest, these things happen more often than we would like! 

Life moves at a fast pace and remembering to do all the small things every day is not always possible. 

Well, not humanly possible. 

With the help of technology, more and more things are becoming possible. 

Such as turning off the lights in your home even from soccer practice. 


With home automation technology! 

Home automation is most accurately described as homes that make lighting, shading, sprinklers, security alarm systems, etc. remotely controllable. 

Home automation technology allows you to control different features in your home with one remote or from your smartphone to make life simpler, more convenient, and more enjoyable! 

Here's how: 

1. Automate Features 

Imagine that, home automation systems allowing you to automate! 

This may sound like a "duh" statement, but in this case, I am directly referring to having the ability to program or schedule events for your different devices. 

For example, if you have trouble getting your kids up on time in the mornings, you can automate their bedroom lights to turn on at a specific time on certain days. 

Automating features goes beyond scheduled events; you can also automate your features based on certain triggers. 

Such as turning on your outside lights as soon as a security alarm goes off.

Imagine not having to shut off your sprinkler system, set your alarm system, or be the one to get out of bed and turn off the outside lights that you or your partner forgot to turn off. 

Once you fully understand the endless possibilities that automation technology can do, you can start brainstorming all the creative ways to make your life simpler! 

Do you have a hired dog walker who comes at the same time every day?

You can schedule your front door to unlock Monday through Friday at the same time for them. 

You'll never have to remember to leave a key under the mat again!

2. Remote Access

One of the biggest benefits of home automation technology is having remote access. 

Leaving home and forgetting to lock a door or turn off a light is extremely frustrating. 

With home automation technology you don't have to be late for your hair appointment or meeting ever again. 

There is no more turning around halfway down the street to go back and turn on the garage light. 

Get to your destination or pull over to the side of the road and push a button! 

In seconds, you can set your alarm, turn lights on or off, lock your doors, and so much more. 

On vacation in Paris? 

No problem!

Check in on the state of your home by checking your surveillance cameras directly from your phone anywhere and at any time.

3. Energy Efficient

One huge advantage of home automation is the huge potential for energy savings. 

In most cases, you can program your thermostat with certain target temperatures. 

This will help keep your energy levels low during the hours you are not in need of as much heating and cooling. 

This extends to lighting as well. 

Scheduling your lighting or certain devices around your daily schedule will ensure that they are never sucking up energy. 

Breakdown your scheduling even further amongst your devices to operate differently on weekdays, weekends, or even during different seasons. 


Home automation technology not only increases the efficiency of your home but increases the simplicity of your daily life by bringing all of the features in your home together. 

Ready to see how Home Automation Technology can increase the simplicity and efficiency of your day-to-day routine? 

Book Your Discover Call 

Topics: Home Automation Technology, Smart Home