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4 Game-Changing Smart Home Systems You Need To Know

by KP Evolutions on November 15, 2018

True smart home systems are everywhere, but finding one that truly provides the luxury and innovation you’re seeking is hard to find.

Having a system that works well depends on much more than it just working properly.

Elevating your lifestyle with the right smart home depends on finding the right system for your needs.

From the top-of-the-line models to the DIY smart home systems, we will talk about the two best options on the market for each.

Here's the top 2 Smart Home options for professional grade smart home systems to take your lifestyle to the next level.

Top Professional Grade Smart Home Systems


A picture of smart home technology

Easily the most advanced, intuitive smart home system on the market, is a true artificial intelligence system that learns your preferences to improve your home around you.

It connects seamlessly with almost every other smart tech on the market so you don’t have to worry about having great tech that doesn't really control your home.

Don’t worry about it taking over the world, but expect it to take notes on your habits and desires to better automate its functions. 

It focuses on three aspects to improve your life

  • Pattern Recognition - You don’t need to tell it every single time you want something. It picks up on your patterns to adjust your atmosphere to your preferences.
  • Secure & Private - Your data and information that Josh collects aren’t ever going to be sold or used inappropriately.
  • Improving Every Day - The more you use it the more it learns how to adapt to and enhance your life.

If you love date night on Friday evening it might just throw on Netflix and dim the lighting for you.

If you enjoy a well-lit office, it can raise the shades to let more natural light in whenever you enter your home.

Like to watch Law & Order while cooking?

It will play that on your kitchen television whenever you are whipping up your next meal.

The point is that it learns what you like to better serve you.

It understands the different names you might call a room, device, or scene.

Not only does it learn and automate for you, but controlling it is as simple as opening the app.

You can tell it everything you’d like from it’s easy to use smartphone interface if using your voice is just too difficult. 



It has unparalleled ability to truly learn and adapt to your habits and lifestyle to be able to provide the most luxurious experience possible.

The effort is minimal and professional setup takes care of the hassle.

It appeals to the smart home that sets itself apart from the pack.

They offer stellar features with it as well:

  • 2-year service agreement
  • Free software updates
  • Personalized support service
  • Remote access
  • The micro version
  • Mounting equipment
  • POE adapter
  • USB-C cable & AC adapter

Check out the website for more information!

2. Crestron Pyng

Despite the extensive programming and set up (that your installer takes care of) it's worth it. Truly, worth it.

Crestron Pyng is widely regarded as one of the greatest smart home systems on the market and for good reason.

It boasts the widest range of tech compatibility of any similar smart home system on the market.

Essentially, it works with everything.

You’re not going to find a better system when you’re working with a wide variety of smart tech.

It belongs to Crestron, the largest smart home automation company in the world, and it’s customized to work with all of their products as well as almost every other tech on the market.

So, if you’re working with a lot of Crestron products, you’d probably be best off with going with the Pyng.

You control it through a preferred device (your smartphone or tablet), and while it doesn’t learn and anticipate your desires, you can have it programmed to your desires.


Some reviews look down on the fact that you can't actually program and set it up yourself; however, this "problem" isn't really a problem because your Crestron provider will program it all for you.

It requires extensive installation and programming, but luckily your Crestron retail pros will take care of all of the hassle so you can enjoy the ease and luxury of one of the best smart home systems on the market.


You need to have this system if you’re using any of the spectacular Crestron products.

Your installing tech company will handle everything for you, and it's a breeze to use once it's set up.

It offers simplicity and luxury for your lifestyle, so look towards Crestron for a complete smart home system.


Here's the top two smart home systems for the DIY home.

Top DIY Smart Home Systems

1. Wink Hub 2


While we don’t recommend DIYing your smart home system, this option is great for those seeking to link their pieced together smart tech gear.

It offers a great design and support system as well as a great array of supported tech.

While it doesn’t have the best features like your more expensive or Crestron Pyng it does offer great competition with the Samsung SmartThings for lower end smart home solutions.

It offers a great connectivity and use range.

You can place it practically anywhere in your home and run your whole system.

As far as cheaper systems go, you can’t go wrong considering the Wink Hub 2.

Just verify its compatibility with your existing smart tech for the best experience.


Wink Hub 2 is a solid option for those looking to connect their smart tech together, but has either a small budget or small tech stack.

If you’re truly looking to elevate your lifestyle, look elsewhere, but you can’t beat the price if you’re looking for a simple upgrade.

2. Samsung SmartThings

Another solid smart home system that can control a ton of gear with intuitive ease, and personalized touch.

Their website offers a great way to get started, by filling out their questionnaire to show you just how much SmartThings can do.

This offers personalization and customization that is everything you need to get started quickly and easily.

It boasts a vast variety of third-party support and the capability to connect with thousands of different devices.

It might not be as flashy or intuitive as some, but it is a great offer for its typically cheap prices.

Not only that, but set up is a breeze. Just connect it to your router, and set up an account to begin connecting it to all of your tech.

Although it isn’t compatible with Nest products and it isn’t necessarily “pretty”, it has a straightforward app and voice commands for simple use.


While it’s not the prettiest system on the market, it does a great job for its low price and can work with a vast majority of the gadgets you already own.

With setup and use straightforward and easy to use it easily makes the list of gear you should consider for your home.


Don't fall victim to a poorly matched smart home system.

If you're looking for true luxury and an intuitive system ahead of it's time is the way to go.

Large systems and an integrated interface at your fingertips calls for the expansive quality and superiority of Crestron Pyng.

Saving money and connecting your existing gear takes on a new level of ease with both the Wink Hub 2 and Samsung SmartThings.

Looking to get a smart home installed in your home?

Contact us at KPEvolutions for a call to see what system works best for you and how to get it!

Book Your Discover Call 

Topics: Smart Home Tech, smart home systems