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3 Ways To Control Your Smart Home That Are Actually Smart

by KP Evolutions on February 11, 2019

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "Luxury living at your command"?

You've invested (or are considering investing) in a smart home that truly revolutionizes the way you live, but how do you access all the luxurious amenities that your home offers?

Do you run around the house to 30 different switches, screens, and nozzles? Or do you touch one button?

Do you forget which switch controls what or do you simply setup your entire home in seconds from your remote or smart phone?

The phrase "luxury living at your command" should bring to mind being able to set the atmosphere of your home with the simple click of a button.

That's revolutionary. That's accessing the potential of your amazing home, and it's all possible with using Crestron's keypads, touchscreens and remotes.

Let's talk about the 3 best ways to control the luxury of your home.

Controlling Your Smart Home With Keypads, Touchscreens, and Remotes

Horizon Keypads


These cutting edge, sleek keypads are the future of luxury controls. They have multiple designs and customization options to suit your home best.

The configuration as well as the labels are totally up to you, as well as the settings that they control.

And it doesn't stop at lights.

They can control lights, shading, and even music. Everything that controls the environment of your home is at your fingertips with these game-changing keypads.


The video above is over the Pyng control system, but it's used with the ease and functionality of a touchscreen device.

You can control your home from the ease of your tablet or smart home and it offers the ability to change the settings without having to call your smart home company for reprogramming.

You can customize your luxurious home yourself with no hassle.



These remotes are the key to controlling your entire home from the palm of your hand.

With these, you can activate, customize, and control every aspect of your smart home from the palm of your hand.

Not only can you customize it to your specific preferences and use it to control your home, you can also use it with your voice. 

This simplifies more complex tasks. You can simply ask it to do what you'd like it to do instead of clicking a few buttons.

They're easy to use, offer small screens on them, and feature lightening fast charge speeds.

Final Thoughts

No smart home should be held back by having poorly placed and designed control interfaces with more limitations than luxuries.

While it takes a bit of designing and planning from a professional installation company, the finished project is beyond worth it.

Your keypads should be customized to your home and your preferences.

Your touchscreen hubs should offer the full control of all aspects of your smart home. Not just lights and shades.

Your remotes should work everywhere you go and offer the same control as your touchscreens.

Want to see what it will take to get these interfaces in your home?

Reach out and we will give you a custom quote.

Contact Us

Topics: Smart Home, Virtual Assitants